Latest Features

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Simplified Asset Types Relationship Assignment

Introducing Brand Hub

New Feature: Video/Audio on Hover

Protect your brand with BrandStencil

New Feature: Desktop Connector

New Feature: Auto Tagging

New Feature: Attribute Strip

Updated Forms

Bulk User Delete

New Feature: Share by URL

New Feature: Asset Transformer

Automatic Upgrades

Feature your video assets

Support for Microsoft SQL Azure

Passwords for published lightboxes

Enhanced support for transparent images

Larger previews on published lightboxes

API support for OAuth 2.0

New options for your homepage search

Audit Log Report Enhancement

Publish Lightbox download display name improvement

New Share by Email Feature

Improved bulk upload workflow

Updated login, registration and share as link pages

Improved pagination

New content alert email

Improved email templates, with logo option

Automatic previews extracted from ZIP files

View the assets you have just Bulk Uploaded

Arrow key through assets in zoom view

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