Latest Features

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New: HEIC/HEIF file preview support

Enhancement: Filter supports 'empty' attribute values

Enhancement: Global Filter Active Status

Enhancement: View Only Published Lightbox

Enhancement: Asset Transformer Cache

Enhancement: Re-sharing a Lightbox

Enhancement: New Manage Users Page

Enhancement: Empty a lightbox quickly

Integration: Drupal 9 now supported

Enhancement: Advanced pagination

Enhancement: File extension on previews

Enhancement: Bulk update, populate title from filename

Enhancement: Direct link to expired assets

Enhancement: Two new IPTC accessibility properties

New Integration: Media Channel by Cogapp

Enhancement: Mandatory passwords for Published Lightboxes

New Feature: Download Original

New Options for Asset Transformer

New Feature: Shutterstock Integration

New Feature: Asset Zoom

New Feature: External Uploader

New Feature: Filter Bar

New Feature: Asset previews when sharing

New Feature: In-app OAuth2 Management

New Feature: Change Default Language

New Feature: Admin Dashboard

UX Improvement: Fixed Header

New Feature: Export Categories/Folders/Keywords

Improved Stemming for Search & Keywords

Introducing the new Asset Bank homepage

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