Technical Services

Single Sign-on

Asset Bank supports a range of Single Sign-on (SSO) options which let users access your Asset Bank without needing to log in each time. If your organisation already has a login framework in place we can help you extend this to your Asset Bank. SSO saves users from having to create a new username and password for the site that then might be forgotten.

Supported SSO systems include LDAP and all SAML 2.0 complient systems.

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API Consultancy

Asset Bank's REST API is ideal for connecting your Asset Bank to any third party or in-house solution like web printing tools or product or image catalogs. By using our REST API developers can quickly and easily retrieve and update information about assets, as well as managing users, folders and workflows.

Our technical consultants can provide on demand support and advice to help you create the integrations you need.

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Content Delivery Networks

Using a Content Delivery Network can improve the ability for your Asset Bank to serve a global audience. By utilising multiple servers your users will be able to access files in a location that is physically closer to them, helping to reduce page load time.

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Data Migration

Our consultants have years of experience migrating data from legacy applications and databases. Asset Bank's 'metadata import' facility makes it easy to import your existing data - we can do this for you, or advise on how to get your data into the right format.

Whether from a physical drive or accessed remotely via FTP we can also help adding metadata via embedded data-mappings and assigning them to categories based on existing directory structures or embedded metadata.

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Database Conversion

Asset Bank is designed to work with multiple types of database such as MySQL and SQL Server, but sometimes changing the type of database you are using can help to integrate better within your infrastructure, or with other systems. We're able to help you convert your existing Asset Bank database into a different format quickly and carefully to make sure everything works smoothly after the change.

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